Love Defined

“Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me ~ Psalm 51:​10”

In Today’s world magazines, movies and social media are the things that influence our romantic relationships. As a member of the launch team of author’s Bethany Baird & Kristen Clark’s new book Love Defined I have been shown how to embrace God’s vision to achieve lasting love and satisfying relationships. Their new book is absolutely amazing for young girls and adults. It discusses topics I am sure you all have wondered about like myself. What makes this book amazing is the fact that they do not just give their own experiences and advice but they link everything back to ‘scripture.’ There is advice for married persons, persons getting married and even single girls. This book covers it all. Many times I found myself smiling while reading, not because of something funny but because it was something I can relate to. It was as though they were in my thoughts at some points of the book. The burning questions I have always wanted answers to have finally been received.

The book is now available for purchase… be sure to pick up a copy or two today 😉

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