Welcome to Adulting

When we are young we continuously dream about the day we become adults. It is not until we reach that stage of our lives that we understand the true difficulties that lie ahead. The road to adulting is a hard one. One that you can never truly prepare for. Learning from people who have steered that bumpy and narrow path before could save us a great deal of pain and difficulty. This is what Johnathan Pokluda has done for the readers of his new book ‘Welcome to Adulting.’ It is an ideal read for those entering adulthood and even those already there who are having a hard time navigating the road. As someone who is already adulting, I have found some useful information in this book. The book has a certain amount of humor to it and would be enjoyed by anyone who decides to pick up a copy.

PS: I received a copy of this book from Baker Books for my honest review.

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